Funky 2-in-1 Drinking Straw Glasses


Funky 2-in-1 Drinking Straw Glasses
Funky 2-in-1 Drinking Straw Glasses

No, mom, I don’t want to drink this boring glass of milk. Yooooooo!!!!” Your child must have heard these words coming out of his mouth and must have been disappointed.

Funky 2-in-1 Drinking Straw Glasses

  • After you’ve done all the chores, you don’t have the energy to chase after your child and make him drink a glass of milk, so you give up. But you should not skip milk, it is the main source of calcium that your growing child needs. You want something that encourages your kids to drink milk on their own.
  • Take a look at these funky drinking straw cups. A single glance at them is all it takes to get someone’s attention. Show them to your teens and see how eagerly they use them to drink anything, including milk. Problem solved.! These fun straw glasses let kids see the liquid swirling before their eyes as they sip.

Funky 2-in-1 Drinking Straw Glasses

What you will get:

  • Cool drinking gadget: Your grumpy kids won’t despise these curly straw cups. These are great in design and a funky addition to kids’ gadgets.
  • Convincing kids to drink milk is easy: You won’t spend hours convincing your child to drink milk and other healthy drinks. These glasses are great enough to lure kids and make them drink whatever you want. No more avoiding fluids.
  • Perfect gift choice: These unique straw glasses are a cute and trendy gift choice for your lovely kids. Make birthdays or Christmas more special by surprising them with these.
  • Multiple uses: These funky drinking glasses can be used for any beverage you can think of. Milk, water, juice and the list goes on forever. Not just for kids, if you’re a kid at heart, you can use these clear swirl glasses to drink your favorite beer, wine or champagne in a fun way.
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