Infinity Inkless Pencil


Infinity Inkless Pencil

Infinity Inkless Pencil

Experience the best art of writing or drawing with this infinity inkless pencil!

Infinity Inkless Pencil

This innovative inkless pencil creates smooth refined markings in any writing paper that remains visible for a lifetime! A great scribbling tool that can go on and on without the need of constant sharpening, ink refilling or replacing! Suitable for note taking, drawings, writing diaries, love letters, office reports, doodling, shading, calligraphy, and more possibilities. The eternal pencil comes with a long eraser that can easily rub out any wrong words or sketch without  ruining the paper

Infinity Inkless Pencil

The pencil is lightweight and has an anti-slip body that provides a comfortable, effortless gripping. Providing you a tool that your fingers would love to hold for an extended time without straining. Ideal for students, teachers, business people, writers, artists, cartoonists, mangaka and so on! This eternal pencil can’t easily break even after countless falls. It has a strong cap that protects the delicate tip. Making it transportable anytime, anywhere without the tip stabbing through your clothes, pencil case or bag. 

Bring eternity to your fingertips and create a smooth, stable writing anytime using this infinity inkless pencil!


  • Eternal Pencil
    cool inkless pencil that lets you write forever without the need of constant sharpening or replacing! It has a metal alloy tip that creates visible markings once it rubs on any paper which can be retained for a lifetime. This eternal pencil is smoother than your normal pens and other writing tools, allowing you to have a more refined writing style. Perfect for note taking, drawings, writing diaries, love letters, doodling, shading, calligraphy, and other writing works!Infinity Inkless Pencil
  • Erasable Design
    The lines left by the timeless pencil are erasable so you can remove wrong words or patterns easily without ruining the paper. It has an added long eraser hidden inside the pencil’s body for your convenience. Moreover, the writings can also be erased with any regular rubber eraser.
    Infinity Inkless Pencil
  • Comfortable to Use
    This pencil is lightweight and is easier to hold even to those with tiny and short fingers. Suitable for children, teens and adults! The innovative pencil has an anti-slip body which provides a proper gripping and a comfortable writing or sketching experience! You can now do essays, journals or drawing projects for extended hours without straining your hands and fingers! Ideal for students, teachers, business people, writers, artists, cartoonists, mangaka and so on!
  • Infinity Inkless Pencil
  • Long-lasting Pencil
    The inkless pencil can be used for more than a decade without the need of refilling ink, sharpening, and lead refining! This pencil won’t ever age or break even when you grip hard on it or it accidentally falls. Perfect for your everyday use! Its metal nib can effectively replace up to a hundred of the traditional pencils. Saving you more time and money from switching pencils regularly. What’s more? The nib is also replaceable so you can easily change it if it gets lost.
  • Infinity Inkless Pencil
  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality metal tip which creates constant smooth writing that can go on for eternity! It comes with a long eraser that is placed inside its stylish and practical body. The inkless pencil has a strong cap that protects the delicate tip from any damage when not in use. Allowing you to easily carry it anytime, anywhere without the tip stabbing through your clothes, pencil case or bag. Infinity Inkless Pencil


  • Size: 14cm x 2cm
  • Color: Black, White, Navy, Red, Rose, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Mint, Yellow Infinity Inkless Pencil


  • 1PC x Infinity Inkless Pencil
  • 1PC x Replacement Nib
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