Instant Slushie Maker Cup


Instant Slushie Maker Cup
Instant Slushie Maker Cup

Transform any drink into your favorite frozen slushies, in just MINUTES!

Your preferred beverage becomes an instantly frozen pleasure when using Slushie Maker Cup™. Making your own slushy in your home is simple thanks to the Slushie maker Cup’s quick-freezing technology. You may enjoy cool slushies in a matter of seconds by simply freezing, filling, and pressing. You can easily transfer the Slushie Maker Cup’s frost into your beverage thanks to the versatile silicone cup. Your drink will turn into a delectably cool slushie in little more than 60 seconds. With a removable dome cap and convenient spoon straw to assist you to slurp down the slush, Slushie Maker Cup™ is reusable, completely safe, food-grade, and non-toxic.

Instant Slushie Maker Cup

  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Since the Slushie Maker Cup™ is made entirely of non-toxic, food-grade, and BPA-free materials, your only concern should be the infamous brain freeze.
  • Customize Your Cool: Don’t be constrained by the few slushie flavors offered at the ice cream parlor; instead, use the Slushie Maker Cup™ to create your own chilly cocktail. You can create an icy iced tea, slush a drink, or have a frozen Frappuccino. It may be combined with almost any cooled beverage, given a quick massage, and then your preferred beverage is transformed.
  • Transform Any Drink: The Slushy Maker Cup™ can be used to create any fun drink you can imagine. Fill the cup with your preferred soda, fruit juice, or alcoholic beverage to create a delectable frozen treat.
  • Rapid-Freeze Technology: Quickly transforms your favorite drinks, such as juice, and Coke, into cool slushies. To get the cup insert at the proper temperature before usage, simply place your slushie maker cup in the freezer. You can easily transfer the Slushie Maker Cup’s frost into your beverage thanks to the versatile silicone cup.

Instant Slushie Maker Cup

  • Reusable For Unlimited Slushie Fun: Slushie Maker Cup™ is reusable and dishwasher safe for endless slushie fun. It enables you to try a fresh flavor every day or every few hours. To start your next frozen trip, simply wash and refreeze the cup.
  • Undiluted Deliciousness: To get a semi-frozen consistency, most homemade slushies combine ice and juice, which can result in a diluted version of the original flavor. Slushie Maker Cup™ uses a freezer lining as its source of cold rather than ice. Your favorite beverage is transformed into a clean, authentic slush that tastes just like the original.
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