IONWrist™ Energy Balancing Bracelet


IONWrist™ Energy Balancing Bracelet

IONWrist™ Energy Balancing Bracelet

Live well and feel the immediate difference in your overall wellbeing wearing this IONWrist™ Energy Balancing Bracelet!

IONWrist™ Energy Balancing Bracelet

It is no secret that immersing yourself in a Negative ion environment and allowing your body to heal.

IONWrist™ Energy Balancing Bracelet

The good news is that the benefits of Negative ions can be harnessed. Our Bracelets contain Negative Ion Technology so that you can take the positive benefits of it with you throughout your day.

IONWrist™ Energy Balancing Bracelet

Constructed with tourmaline gemstone that is known to be highly effective in breaking down of fats and stimulating of removal of waste and toxins of the body for a healthier slimming journey.


  • IMPROVES MENTAL WELLBEING. Negative ions produce bio-chem reactions that increase happy hormone to help you to reduce stress, promotes relaxation, and boosts body energy.

IONWrist™ Energy Balancing Bracelet

  • BETTER SLEEP AND ANTI-STRESS. Support the body’s ability to relax and sleep. This means that Negative ions have two important functions for your wellness, less stress and better sleep.

IONWrist™ Energy Balancing Bracelet

  • PROMOTES FAT BREAKDOWN. Consists of tourmaline gem that effectively breakdown fats and reduces adipose tissues and fat cells in the body giving you a slimmer and healthier body!

IONWrist™ Energy Balancing Bracelet

  • MAGNETIC THERAPY. Built with Neodymium magnetic balls on each end that offers proper blood circulation, pain relief in shoulder pain, Back pain, headaches, and even Fibromyalgia.
  • ATTRACTS POSITIVITY. Promote active lifestyles and encourage positive attitudes on your health and wellness.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY. This durable, high-quality negative ion band can be worn everywhere. It’s very resistant to water and does not corrode, and its efficacy does not fade with use.


  • Material: Tourmaline, F.I.R Germanium, Silicone, Titanium Alloy
  • Size: Band length 20cm


  • 1 x IONWrist™ Energy Balancing Bracelet
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