QuickFixPro™ Waterproof Repairing Sealant Putty


QuickFixPro™ Waterproof Repairing Sealant Putty


Tired of leaks? Plug them up right with the help of our QuickFixPro™ Waterproof Repairing Sealant Putty! You won’t find a better tool for repairing holes as it creates a secure seal that’s leak-proofwaterproof and insect-proof.

Its high plasticity makes it easily malleable to any shape and dries into harddense plaster with a smooth finish. It’s widely applicable to different materials and repairs like broken pipes, wall grooves and wood repair. Made from superior materials, expect superior results.




  • Leak-proof Seal – Repairs and fills holes with a leak-proof, waterproof and insect-proof seal.

  • Easily Malleable – Its high plasticity makes it easily malleable into any shape.

  • Plaster Density – Self-dries into hard, dense plaster after application.

  • Smooth Finish – Dries in a smooth finish for a clean look.
  • Widely Applicable – Ideal for filling holes, leaks, broken pipes, wall grooves, wood repair and more. Works on different materials.

  • Quality Material – Made from superior quality polymerized glue and filling powder for foolproof repairs.



  • Material: Polymerized Glue, Filling Powder


🌟Product Includes🌟

  • 1 x Waterproof Repairing Sealant Putty
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