Zenpad Massaging Weighted Heating Pad

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Zenpad Massaging Weighted Heating Pad


1, Fast Heating-up: Adopting advanced heating technology, the pad helps provide soothing heat relief in 30 seconds for fast heat and fast pain relief. 2, Energy-saving Adjustable 6 Heating Level: You can select the preferred temp. level to let the pad provide suitable heating without wasting the power. 3, Convenient 4 Timer Setting: Use the timer to tailor your heating between 30min and 2 hours according to your need. The control panel with indication lights shows you the actual timing and temp. of your pad. 4, Improve Your Health While Heating: The therapy pad can warm your body, relax muscle, eliminate fatigue, accelerate blood circulation, activate tissue cells, promote metabolism and improve human immunity. 5, Crystal Soft Velvet: The skin-friendly fabric offers comfortable feeling and ensures no irritation to the body while heating. This washable pad is easy to clean after the usage. 6, On All Body Part: Fit for usage on stomach, feet, legs, arms, back, neck, shoulder and so on. Great gifts for all people, such as your friends and families.

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1 X Heating Pad

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